, How to practice self hypnosis?

How to practice self hypnosis?

Hypnosis has recognized effects on the treatment of stress, anxiety, phobias, and even some pains also. Well it is not necessary to have recourse to a hypnotherapist. One can also self-hypnotize. How it works ? Can everyone do it? I can told everything about self-hypnosis.

As its name suggests, self-hypnosis is hypnosis applied to oneself.

Hypnosis a particular mental state that is not a sleep. We are talking rather of a “modified state of consciousness”, a state of trance close to dream. As we are surprised by the stare on a fixed point so we do not hear anything around.

Once in hypnotic trance, one abstracts one’s environment and one manages to concentrate on oneself. This is how we manage to treat some psychological disorders such as phobias, anxiety or a strong lack of self-confidence.

Why practice self hypnosis?

When one is subject to stress or anxiety, when one has an insurmountable phobia, when one has a sleep disorder or a big lack of self-confidence, self-hypnosis is an effective way to to feel better.

Feelings of rejection or lack of self-confidence often have their roots in the subconscious, which for one reason or another, gives them too much room to inhibit the person.

Self-hypnosis allows precisely to challenge his unconscious to put things in order and give themselves the opportunity to flourish, in short.

Self hypnosis: how to do it?

Self-hypnosis follows the rules and techniques of classic hypnosis, with the difference that the hypnotherapist is himself.

  1. The preparation.

    It is advisable to practice self-hypnosis sitting on a chair or comfortable sofa, feet flat on the floor and hands on the thighs. All in the almost silence, of course.

    Then we close our eyes and empty. This moment is close to meditation: it is about becoming aware of each part of one’s body, starting from the feet and going up little by little to the head, while breathing deeply.

    Only when completely relaxed can one begin the self-suggestion phase., How to practice self hypnosis?

  2. The auto-suggestion.

    First, the number one rule of self-hypnosis (and hypnosis) is to treat one problem at a time. If you suffer from both anxiety and lack of self-confidence, you will devote a separate session to each of these issues.

    Once the problem is identified, one addresses oneself mentally to his unconscious to guide him towards the resolution of this problem.
    This is where rule number 2 comes in: self-hypnosis is self-suggestion. It must not be a set of orders imposed on oneself.

    Pronounced sentences should always be positive. For example, we do not say “do not be afraid” but “I’m not afraid anymore”.
    Also, we prefer positive terms: it is better to say “I know that I will succeed” rather than “I do not know the failure” because failure is a strong and negative word on which the unconscious can focus., How to practice self hypnosis?

  3. Visualization.

    The secret of an effective self-hypnosis session, as for hypnosis, is visualization.
    It’s about imagining oneself in specific situations, printing images in one’s unconscious.
    For example, to deal with the lack of self-confidence in a period of unemployment and in view of possible job interviews, it may be useful to imagine being in a position in a company (a more positive situation than research for example, making a presentation in a personable meeting, and being applauded by his staff.
    If words guide the unconscious, the images mark it much more deeply., How to practice self hypnosis?

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Do videos that hypnotize really work?

Yes videos may be work.

Will self hypnosis make sickness go away?

Not really. But if you any problem ,you can consult a doctor.

Is hypnosis work in a week?

No hypnosis does not work in a week. But you can get some partial result.

Can I use hypnosis to erase an abusive spouse from my memory?

I am not sure does it work or not.

Will this help me with my fear of flying?

Yes, it can definitely help with all kinds of fears and phobias.

Can anyone hypnotize themselves?

The answer is yes ! It is often said that hypnosis is actually self-hypnosis. Because hypnosis does not bring an external solution to a problem: it makes it possible to look for the solution inside oneself. One lifts the veil on one’s own anxieties and eliminates them.On the other hand, if everyone can do it, that does not mean it’s easy. The most difficult is certainly to get to the void itself.


When you have trouble concentrating, it may be helpful to use self-hypnosis practice guides. There are also audio versions.It is also advisable to set up regular sessions and insert self-hypnosis into one’s routine in order to get used to emptying. Rome was not made in a day!

No one can hypnotize you against your will. You can’t even hypnotize yourself unless you are really commited to it.

You never lose control during hypnosis. You are always in control.

Writing out your suggestions before induction can be very effective, as a visual list of what you choose to work on can sometimes be more easily remembered than even carefully assembled thoughts.

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