, Step-by-step guide to hot stone massage at home

Step-by-step guide to hot stone massage at home

Massages are very relaxing and there’s no denying that. In fact, people opting for regular massages do tend to feel healthier. That being said, you don’t always have to shell it out at a salon or a spa center to detox yourself. Giving yourself a detoxing massage with hot stones is one easy option for you to deal with stress. Here is an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide to giving yourself a hot stone massage at home:

What are hot stones? How can they help you?

While hot stone therapy has become a new trendy therapy, this relaxation technique is in fact quite old and traditional in its approach. Ayurveda, as a holistic healing methodology also supports the same. Hot stone therapy helps relieve soreness, relaxing the stress around the muscles and makes you relax in the truest sense. The stones carry immense energy in them, which can penetrate deeply and balance the body’s chakras, providing a calming, therapeutic effect.

While professional healers work towards balancing the chakras in your body and relieving pain, you can give yourself a massage at home. Traditionally, stones which are not alkaline in nature are used. Any kind of stone or rock which is big enough to fit in your palm and cleaned properly of bacteria and germs can be used in this DIY massage therapy.

STEP 1: Heat them at home

One of the easiest and cheapest ways is to heat them in a cooker or an oven at a low temperature. You can also wrap them in a towel and then heat them. Temperatures vary, so this can take an hour or more depending on the appliance. Just be sure to pick them up with caution or else you can burn your hands.

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STEP 2: Guide to a home massage

You should be completely at ease and relaxed for the massage to work effectively. You can also use a partner’s help to make this work better.

Hot stone therapy works when the massage stones are placed on your back or your face. This will truly help you unwind. Ideally, you should be lying down on your stomach. Stones should be placed on the spine line, in a perpendicular manner. You can also place them horizontally, by placing them sideways. Placing them on the shoulder blades can also make for a good remedy.

How long should you keep them?

Stone therapy works best if you keep them on your body for a minimum of 20-30 minutes. You can also repeat the procedure if you want. The stones will slowly start to release their energy and cleanse away the tension and the stress in the areas where the pain is experienced.

For additional help, you can make use of essential oils. Dipping the stones in essential oils like lavender, coconut or jojoba which can help relieve soreness and stiffness around the muscle and the joints. Good essential oils can also alleviate stress levels and help you sleep. Make sure to clean the stones thoroughly after use or else the oils can make them go rancid. This will also help wash away the dead skin cells that can stick to them. Cleansing and storing properly will ensure their efficacy for years.

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